Full Library Mega Bundle

worth £30,000


£14,550 ex VAT

If you are a genuine whiteboard animator and would like to purchase the complete SVG Doodle Whiteboard archive of cartoon images worth £30,000 please read the following and then complete the form below.

What’s included:

  • Approximately 5000 professional cartoon images in 66 different categories

  • Subsequent images added to the library can be purchased at the 50% discounted rate of £3 ($4) each (125 new images per month sold in batches of 500)

  • Bespoke SVG cartoon images (subject to Piers’ availability). Prices start at £75 per image

Only genuine and trusted animators will be considered so your whiteboard animation credentials will need to be confirmed and a copyright licence agreement signed by you prior to purchase. In brief this licence states:

  • Copyright to all images remains the property of Piers Baker in perpetuity

  • SVG image files are sold for use in whiteboard animation videos only and remain the property of Piers Baker

  • Images may not be used in print or other static/non-animation forms without prior consent from Piers Baker

  • Images may not be redistributed, loaned or resold

Click here to view a sample of the licence.

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